This examination, formally known as WECS was introduced by the Welsh Assembly Government to target those people at risk of developing eye disease and to detect early signs in the aim of preventing the development or progression of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration. This examination has developed overtime and now includes patients presenting with ACUTE EYE PROBLEMS which is FREE to all.

Optometrists are highly trained medical professionals that have specialist knowledge of the eye and associated conditions. They are the ‘GP of the EYE’ and should be the first point of contact for patients with Acute Eye Problems as they have the latest and most up-to-date equipment which is not available in doctor surgeries. At Merthyr Optical Centre, we are proud to offer you the very latest in eyecare technology and have an OCT Scanner. We are now able to look at the structures of the eye in a totally different way than before, using our three-dimensional OCT scanner – this allows us to see beneath the surface of the retina and optic nerve for the first time, which will enable us to detect eye disorders much earlier, therefore allowing access to faster treatments and better visual outcomes for our patients

Acute eye problems need to be assessed promptly and for this reason these patients will be fitted in to our normal daily workload therefore an appointment isn’t necessary. This assessment is FREE OF CHARGE to all patients and is designed to address the acute problem therefore it is different to a routine eye examination. All our Optometrists at Optical Centre have undertaken specialist training and are accredited to perform EHEW (formally WECS) eye examinations


This scheme was introduced by the Welsh Assembly Government and provides people with reduced levels of vision with a detailed low vision assessment and the provision of low vision aids to help them to overcome such difficulties as reading, watching television, daily living skills and general mobility problems.

The scheme uses a multi-disciplinary approach making use of the skills of Optometrists accredited on the scheme as well as specialist social workers and rehabilitation officers.

We have three Optometrists who have undertaken specialist training and are currently accredited on this scheme who can offer this FREE OF CHARGE assessment in all of our practices or as a Home Visit (Domiciliary) for patients who are unable to attend one of our practices due to physical or mental impairment.

To be part of the scheme, you can refer yourself or be referred to an accredited Optometrist by any of the following:

  • An Optometrist
  • Social Services
  • Community Services
  • An Ophthalmologist