Your eyesight is priceless and deserves the best possible care. That’s why it’s important to protect your eyes against glare and ultraviolet (UV) light by wearing quality sunglasses.

Not all sunglasses are the same. For maximum performance you should choose a pair with optical quality lenses. Not only will they shade your eyes against harsh sunlight, they’ll also protect you from the hidden risk of UV rays.

Over-exposure to ultraviolet light can damage your eyes as well as your skin. It may affect the lens inside your eye, leading to cataracts, and may prematurely age your retina. Both these conditions can cause significantly reduced vision in later life.

Our optical quality sunglasses will give you excellent protection against UV light. As a result your eyesight in strong sunlight will not only be more comfortable, but also safer. It is particularly important to protect young eyes from the harmful effects of UV light.

Sunglasses are very much a fashion item so you’ll find we stock the latest styles and designer ranges. This season’s trend encompasses bold shapes and elegant designs. Make your choice from our keenly priced fashion and designer styles, safe in the knowledge that whatever sunglasses you select will be of genuine optical quality.

If you wear spectacles you needn’t miss out on stylish sunglasses. We offer a wide range of attractive designs which can be made up to your individual prescription. These include the latest designer frames and can be made with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses.

Different sunlight conditions and lifestyles call for different types of sunglasses. It can often be difficult to know what pair to choose to enhance your appearance, eye protection and visual performance. When you visit our practice you’ll receive individual attention and professional advice on the most suitable sunglasses for your needs.

We may recommend Polarised lenses if you play sports such as sailing, skiing, golf, tennis, cycling and fishing due to the increased clarity and reduced glare that these lenses provide. Or we may recommend light sensitive lenses – fast acting lenses which alter the level of tint according to the level of sunlight. Alternatively we may suggest Drivewear lenses if you drive a lot due to the ability of these lenses to react to different weather conditions – these are Polarised and light sensitive.

As independent opticians we are free to choose the best sunglasses from any manufacturer. This means that our range emphasises both quality and style. We’re also committed to offering you excellent value for money.

Call us today and you could soon be protecting your eyes with affordable, high performance sunglasses.

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