Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim Logo Welcome to colour.

Imagine seeing colour for the first time.

Colour can move us. Inspire us. And no one understands colour quite like Maui Jim. In fact, some would say that they've mastered colour like no other sunglass company. From the moment they set foot on the sandy shores of Maui, they have been inspired to share their love of the bright, vibrant beauty that surrounds them.

It's precisely that desire that led them to do more research. To understand more about colour and the profound effect it has on our moods, emotions and performance. It's this experience and insight that enabled them to create their patented Polarized technology, which allows you to see more colour than ever before.

While conventional prescription lenses distort your peripheral view, Maui Jim lenses give you edge-edge clarity – no matter where you look. That's because their exclusive lenses are produced with digital precision and accuracy in their state-of-the-art laboratory. Polarized lenses with unmatched clarity in the widest field of view possible.

Slip on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and instantly your world is transformed. Colours that once appeared dull or washed out are now brilliant and vibrant. Now even the smallest, subtlest nuances catch your eye. Glare is eliminated and colours are richer and truer than you ever imagined. That's because at Maui Jim they've gone to the ends of the earth to discover the perfect combination of rare earth elements for their patented polarized lens technology – technology only Maui Jim offers. It's this kind of dedication that brings you the most advanced protection from the sun while allowing you to see the infinite number of colours the world has to offer.

Maui Jim lenses offer the following features:

  • Patented polarized technology eliminating reflected glare for cleaner, crisper vision
  • Waterproof & Oleophobic coating to shed water & snow and to repel grease making smudges & fingerprints easier to wipe away
  • Anti reflective treatment to block unwanted reflections and to reduce glare
  • Scratch resistance – Clearshell treatment on both the front and back surface of the lens
  • Colour enhancing lenses – optically correct, distortion free lenses featuring patented lens technology & rare earth elements to infuse views with colour
Maui Jim Logo

A Warranty Like No Other

Maui Jim sunglasses are warranted to the original purchaser for two years from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and workmanship. Nose pads and temples are free for the life of the frame. They'll repair or replace, at their discretion, any pair of Maui Jim's found to be defective – exclusive of damage caused by improper or unreasonable use.

If It's Broken, They'll Fix It

Although we create high quality, durable sunglasses, we know that accidents happen. So whether you need a quick fix or a major overhaul, Maui Jim offers an unequalled repair service with fast, 3 day turnaround (not inc. shipping times) for most repairs.